Treatment of pores on face

Treatment of pores on face

Who doesn’t want super smooth radiating skin? But a facial pore that generates due to rashes, pimples, or even with aging makes our skin uneven and it’s very depressive. In this blog we will discuss the dermatological treatments that effectively help to cures the pores on faces and give radiating and super smooth face back.

So let me highlight about five latest dermatological treatments for pores on faces that shows result very quickly and financially it’s affordable.

Advanced Fluorescence technology. This is a type of skin-rejuvenating treatment.  In short, this treatment is called AFT. A device penetrates the required amount of light into the skin with pores. The radiation has the power from new skin cells and also stimulates collagen formation. The result can be seen after four weeks. Patients require multiple sessions in four to six weeks interval depending on their pour sizes. The treatment has no side-effect and does not include any kind of discomfort.

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Laser therapy. This therapy offers the best result to the pores caused due to aging. The laser light boosts up the collagen formation and heel the pores with a quicker effect.

Microneedling.  It’s a type of invasive cosmetic procedure and a thin and small needle is used to prickle the skin of the affected area. It facilitates collagen formation. How even to avail of this treatment effectively the patient must be healthy enough. Any kind of allergenic tendency or unhygienic daily routine might be the cause of treatment failure.

Chemical Peels. Lack of collagen formation works as the barrier for pore heeling. Regular use of chemical peels along with the other treatment methods increases the chances of treatment success. It helps in removing dead skin and makes the skin firm. Salicylic and TCA cross is the most effective chemical peels amongst all other available option in the market.

Retinoids. Topical and oral medicines containing retinol help in exfoliating the skin surface.  Exfoliation controls the oil secretion and gives the skin a good texture. Regular exfoliation keeps the pores unclogged and protects them from blemish formation. So, the other kind of treatment for pore heeling shows faster results when retinoids are used alongside.

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