Gunshot Piercing 

Gunshot piercing

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Piercing is a work of precision that requires patience and skills. Most commonly, piercing is done in the ear. However, nowadays, individuals choose to piece different parts of the body. Needle piercing is a traditional and commonly availed piercing technique that has been familiar over a longer period of time. However, needle piercing is done by experienced professionals and requires skills for its perfect execution. 

Gun piercing is the modern way of piercing. Guns are used to pierce earlobes. The non-cartilage part of the area is pierced, and the stud is placed. It is a quicker and more convenient piercing technique. It is a less painful process and has a perfect outcome. At SK Truderma, we have trained professionals who are experts in gunshot piercing. With the latest instruments, gunshot-piercing is conducted to ensure a seamless and comfortable service for our patients.  

Gunshot piercing

Multiple Treatment Options for Gunshot piercing

While opting for gunshot piercing, it is essential for individuals to choose a skilled piercer who knows the technique of using the instrument well. Also, the instruments used should be functional and safe to ensure that the piercing is effectively executed. 

The benefits of gunshot piercing are as follows-

  • Gunshot piercing is easier to use as compared to the traditional methods of piercing.
  • It is a reliable and quicker method as it requires minimal execution time.
  • Individuals don’t need to visit the clinic several times to complete the piercing. One full of the trigger and the piercing is done.
  • It is a safe and painless technique for piercing.
  • The after-care of the procedure is hassle-free and convenient.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Gunshot piercing is less painful than traditional methods of piercing. However, at SK Truderma, we take extreme care to ensure that our patients feel less discomfort during the procedure.

A. There are hardly any side effects of gunshot piercing. If an individual has a sensitive earlobe, there are chances of damage to the skin. However, a skilful piercer will be able to navigate such challenges by executing the procedure with perfection. 

A. The cost depends on the instrument used and the clinic. Talk to the healthcare professional about the cost before availing of the gunshot piercing.

A. The gunshot piercing technique takes minimal time to complete. One setting and one trigger pull, and it's done.