Mesotherapy (Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation)

Mesotherapy (stem cell hair rejuvenation)

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Mesotherapy is a reliable and convenient procedure that facilitates the growth of hair. It is a non-surgical procedure that helps enhance scalp and hair health and improves the overall appearance of a person. The goal of the treatment is to provide essential nutrients to the hair and improve blood circulation in the scalp to facilitate the natural growth of hair.

Mesotherapy is a highly recommended treatment owing to its capacity to produce effective results after the treatment. A solution is made that consists of all active ingredients that will be essential in addressing hair and scalp health and hair fall issues. At SK Truderma, the entire procedure is conducted under the strict supervision of healthcare experts at our clinic. We also ensure that our patients undergo the treatment in a comfortable environment and gain the best outcome at the end of the treatment sessions. 

Mesotherapy (stem cell hair rejuvenation)

Multiple Treatment Options for Mesotherapy (stem cell hair rejuvenation)

At the initial stage of the mesotherapy session, a solution is made that consists of essential nutrients, including amino acids, essential minerals, vitamins, and other useful ingredients that are beneficial in nourishing hair follicles and regenerating hair growth. Once the solution is ready, dermatologists inject it into the mesoderm layer with a very fine needle and ensure that the treatment is conducted using all safety protocols.

Mesotherapy or Stem cell hair rejuvenation therapy has multiple benefits. They include-

  • Mesotherapy is a safe and reliable procedure that fosters hair growth in a natural way.
  • The procedure doesn’t have much of a side effect that includes allergies.
  • It is a painless process, and the recovery time required is minimal.
  • Mesotherapy prevents unnatural hair fall, nurtures hair follicles, and strengthens hair.
  • The treatment ensures a healthy scalp and hair and, at the same time, increases the volume of hair.

At SK Truderma, our team of experts uses the latest medical devices to conduct the treatment of mesotherapy. Our patient’s health is our priority. We ensure that the treatment sessions are supervised by our experienced and proficient doctors, ensuring as per the needs of our valuable patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Individuals who have hair fall problems can undergo mesotherapy. However, based on the characteristics of your hair and scalp, the dermatologist will recommend the treatment. So, it is best to consult an expert before opting for the treatment.

A. The number of sessions varies based on individual characteristics and intensity of hair loss issues. However, multiple settings are usually required that are placed in continuous intervals of time.

A. Mesotherapy is usually considered a reliable and safe choice due to the procedure of the treatment. However, mild discomfort like swelling, redness, or inflammation may arise in areas where the solution has been injected, but they aren't harmful. Such discomforts usually subside within a few days.

A. Mesotherapy aids in hair growth and improves overall hair health. However, it may not be permanent. Regular checkups and expert supervision are required to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.