White patches treatment 

White patch treatment

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White patch, also known as ‘vitiligo’ in medical terms, is a condition in which loss of pigmentation takes place in various parts of the skin. The white patches occur when the melanocytes get destroyed in the body. Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, which is responsible for producing pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes.

White patch treatment is essential for treating the areas where loss of pigmentation has taken place. The treatments offer a number of benefits for such skin disorders. However, the outcome of the treatment varies on various factors based on the individual’s characteristics. At SK Truderma, we ensure the effectiveness of the procedures by conducting them using the latest and advanced technologies that suit the needs and requirements of our patients. 

White patch treatment

Multiple Treatment Options for White patch treatment

The main goal of white patch treatment is to achieve a smoother and even skin tone by stimulating re-pigmentation. There are a number of methods available based on the patient’s suitability. The benefits of the White patch treatment are-

  • The skin becomes even as the patches dissolve after the treatment.
  • An individual having patches in the skin often suffers from loss of self-esteem. The visible white patches dampen confidence and have a negative impact on overall well-being. So, white patch treatment helps boost the confidence of a person. 
  • White patches may cause itching or inflammation in specific places. White patch treatment can reduce such discomfort and provide relief to an individual.
  • The overall quality of life gets a positive meaning because of the re-pigmentation and enhanced appearance of a person.

At SK Truderma, our team of experts first diagnoses the skin issues and, based on it, suggests treatment options that will ensure effective results for our patients. We also take all preventive measures to make our patients feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. White patch treatment is considered to show effective results depending on the characteristics of the skin possessed by an individual. However, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to ensure the efficiency of the treatment.

A. The effect of white patch treatment differs from person to person. It may show long-lasting results, but at the same time, regular follow-ups are required to maintain optimum results.

A. Teenagers may undergo white patch treatment if they are suffering from loss of pigmentation. However, the decision must only be taken after consulting a dermatologist for better results. 

A. The main aim of the white patch treatment is to restore natural skin colour by making the texture of the skin look even and smooth. However, the results vary depending on the intensity of loss of pigmentation and the individual's specific skin qualities.