Q- switch and  ND Yag laser [FDA approved]

Q-switch and ND Yag laser

Most Popular Procedures

Q- switch and ND Yag laser are the latest inventions in the modern technological arena that have made medical as well as cosmetic procedures reliable and comfortable for the patients undergoing them. They are specially crafted lasers designed in such a way that the high-energy light generated through them produces shorter impulses, which are very helpful for precisely conducting various treatments. 

ND Yag is a solid crystal that is used to produce laser lights. The light emitted is in the form of heat, and it is invisible. It is useful for conducting a number of procedures that require precision and effectiveness in a short span of time. As a result, the energy is built up, and when the Q-switch is suddenly opened, a high-energy impulse is emitted from it, which becomes extremely effective in various treatment processes. 

Q-switch and ND Yag laser

Multiple Treatment Options for Q-switch and ND Yag laser

Q- switch and ND Yag lasers are used for conducting a number of cosmetic procedures. They are effective in removing tattoos because of their ability to break down pigments by causing less damage to the surrounding areas. They can also be useful in various skin-related issues. These lesser have higher energy so they can treat skin pigmentations like fine lines, spots on the skin, and birthmarks and enhance the texture of the skin. Also, they can remove unwanted hair growth by ensuring that the hair doesn’t grow back in the future.

Q- switch and ND Yag lasers are very effective in nature, and their ability to act precisely saves the surrounding areas from getting damaged. The procedures done through these lasers also take minimum time. They are effective for a number of treatments because they emit a wavelength that helps in performing different processes with precision and comfort. Our skilled and trained professionals conduct these laser treatments with perfection, ensuring that our patients can enjoy their maximum benefit in the long run.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Q-switch and ND Yag lasers are designed using modern technologies to ensure maximum comfort for the individuals undergoing the treatment. They are relatively less painful processes as compared to the traditional ones. 

A. There are a variety of cosmetic procedures that can be conducted easily with the help of Q-switch and ND Yag lasers. Some of the procedures include hair removal, tattoo removal, and skin rejuvenation processes.

A. All types of skins can be treated effectively with Q-switch and ND Yag lasers. Hence, they have become popular among all individuals. However, your dermatologist will be able to make better suggestions based on the condition of your skin.

A. Q-switch and ND Yag lasers are safe ways of conducting treatment procedures. Wearing protective glasses can be beneficial for shielding the eyes from the lights emitted by the lasers. Our professionals take all safety measures to ensure maximum protection for our patients.