Freckles Treatment 

Freckles treatment

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Freckles are small and brown spots that appear on the skin due to the exposure of the skin to the sun and, more specifically, the harmful ultraviolet rays. Freckles are not harmful in nature, but their appearance affects a person’s overall appearance. There are a number of treatment options available to reduce the appearance of the freckles or prevent the occurrence of newly formed freckles on the skin. 

Freckles occur naturally in some individuals owing to their sensitive skin texture. Treatment options vary from person to person based on the skin’s nature and the freckles’ intensity. It is essential to visit a dermatologist for treating freckles. Only after diagnosis and evaluation the suitable options be identified for ensuring optimum results. 

Freckles treatment

Multiple Treatment Options for Freckles treatment

There are a number of treatment options available for reducing the appearance of freckles. Using bleaching creams or Vitamin A creams can be effective in diminishing the freckles. Laser treatments are also an effective way to dissolve freckles and reduce their chances of occurrence. 

At SK Truderma, we conduct freckles treatment in a number of steps. The first step is to evaluate the skin condition. After proper diagnosis, our expert dermatologists prescribe the treatment options suitable for our patients. Along with suggesting a home care regime, chemical peels are also applied, followed by fractional lasers. The intervals between sessions vary based on the skin condition. Individuals should also take preventive measures after the treatment. Protecting the skin against the sun’s rays is a must. At our clinic, we use advantaged technologies and modern tools to ensure the best results after the completion of the treatment. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, and use sunscreen that has high SPF content. Also, visit a dermatologist for regular check-ups to reduce the occurrence of freckles in the skin.

A. Laser treatment is not painful but may cause some amount of discomfort when the laser is directed at the skin. However, the discomfort is tolerated and vanishes in a minimum time span.

A. Skin-lightening creams may cause redness or inflammation in the skin. Hence, do not apply the creams without consulting a doctor. A dermatologist will prescribe skin-lightening creams based on your skin condition that may be effective in producing better results.

A. Freckle treatment may not provide a permanent solution to the problem. The effect of the treatment varies based on the individual's skin condition and the intensity and interval of the occurrence of the freckles.