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Our dedicated team of skin and hair care experts uses modern technologies and laser treatments to deliver optimum derma care services.

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Skin and hair-related concerns need expert attention and special care. At SK Truderma, we offer a number of services including a variety of laser treatments using modern technological inventions.

Here are a few frequently Asked Questions that will be beneficial for you to learn more about the skin and hair care treatments provided at our clinic.

We offer a number of hair and skin care services specially curated for individual needs. The Services include a number of laser treatments, Mesotherapy, PRP treatments, acne marks reduction, and hair transplantation.

We are a leading dermatological clinic in Bangalore, providing laser treatments for skin problems at an affordable price. Some of the laser treatments are skin lightening, acne mark reduction, and laser facials.

SK Truderma, situated in Bangalore, provides laser treatment services in the safest possible way. Our experienced and trained professionals use modern technologies to ensure the best possible outcomes for the services our patients are undergoing.


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