Hair Transplantation 

Hair transplantation

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Hair fall and thinning of hair are a cause of agony for many. In case of severity, the situation can lead to complete hair loss or balding. Hair transplantation is an effective and reliable procedure for treating hair loss. In this process, the hair follicle is removed from one side of the body where there is more hair, known as the donor site, and is transplanted to the recipient site where there is less hair. Through this procedure, the portion where the natural hair growth has stopped is restored, and it is an effective process for everyone, irrespective of gender.

Hair transplantation is a convenient procedure that ensures that patients can enjoy long-lasting and natural-looking hair. At SK Truderma, our expert professionals conduct the treatment with precision and ensure that our patients achieve the desired appearance after they undergo the service.

Hair transplantation

Multiple Treatment Options for Hair transplantation

Though hair transplantation is highly effective, not everyone can undergo it. The doctors first diagnose the quality and quantity of the hair available at the donor’s site and the characteristics of the recipient’s site where the transplantation will take place. Based on the evaluation, the decision of whether a candidate is suitable for hair transplantation or not is taken. The same factors determine the outcome of hair transplantation. Not everyone achieves the same result, even if the treatment procedure is the same. The success of the procedure varies and depends on the donor and recipient’s characteristics. 

Experienced and specialized experts are essential to ensure the success of the procedure. At SK Truderma, our team of experts equipped with specially designed modern equipment conducts the process of hair transplantation, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our patients. We also ensure that we take all safety measures to make the procedure a success. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Not everyone can undergo hair transplantation. It is advisable to consult an expert before opting for the service. The decision is usually taken after evaluation of a number of factors, including the donor's quality and quantity of hair and various characteristics of the recipient's site where the process will be conducted.

A. Hair transplantation is beneficial because it aims at growing the hair naturally where there is no hair or thin hair. It also enhances the appearance of the individual naturally by providing a long-term solution for hair loss problems.

A. Hair transplantation is effective for everyone, irrespective of gender. However, it is best to consult a dermatologist who can help you make a decision only after a diagnosis of specific conditions as required for the success of the hair transplantation process.

A. The cost of hair transplantation varies and depends on many factors, including the instrument used and the intensity of hair loss. It is necessary to get a detailed estimate of the cost from your healthcare provider before opting for the service.