Excimer Laser for Vitiligo & Psoriasis

Excimer Laser for Vitiligo & Psoriasis

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Excimer Laser is a modern invention of laser treatment that treats skin conditions like Vitiligo and Psoriasis. It produces ultraviolet B (UVB) rays of a specific wavelength that treat the portions of the skin affected by Vitiligo and Psoriasis.

Vitiligo and Psoriasis are two skin problems characterized by different conditions. People suffering from vitiligo suffer from loss of pigmentation. As a result, white patches start appearing on the skin. Psoriasis is also a skin problem where the skin cells start growing rapidly, and thick, itchy patches of skin are seen developing on the surface of the skin. Excimer Laser therapy provides effective solutions to both skin disorders, and patients can enjoy desirable outcomes after the completion of the procedure. However, an expert intervention is a must. Patients must definitely consult a dermatologist before opting for Excimer Laser treatment.

Excimer Laser for Vitiligo & Psoriasis

Multiple Treatment Options for Excimer Laser for Vitiligo & Psoriasis

Excimer Laser treatment is becoming a convenient and reliable procedure due to its accuracy and desirable results. The laser treatment is precise, and due to its preciseness, it targets the area that needs to be cured and does not affect the healthy skin. As a result, it doesn’t expose the other parts of the skin to high-intensity laser rays, saving the skin from being affected by harmful conditions like skin cancer.

The UVB radiation during Excimer Laser therapy focuses on the pigmented area of the skin. It stimulates the area of the skin to produce melanin so that the skin pigmentation gets initiated. When it comes to treating Psoriasis, the laser ray targets specific areas so that the rapid growth of the cells slows down and the discomfort gets reduced, which helps in the betterment of the skin. At our SK Truderma clinic, the entire procedure is supervised by skilled and trained professionals to ensure that the patients are benefitted after the completion of the treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Individuals suffering from vitiligo and Psoriasis can opt for Excimer Laser treatment. However, individuals must undergo the treatment only after consulting a dermatologist to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

A. Excimer Laser treatment is safe and is designed to cure skin problems. At our clinic, we ensure all safety measures and ensure that our patients are safe and comfortable during the entire procedure.


Excimer Laser treatment provides long-term solutions to skin disorders as it destroys the root cause of the problems. However, the effectiveness of the treatment varies from individual to individual, depending on the intensity and the location of the problems.


During the traditional laser treatment, the entire portion of the skin is subjected to the laser rays. Excimer Laser focuses on the specific portion that requires treatment, and the other parts of the skin remain untouched. Hence, due to reduced exposure, the chances of risks and other skin disorders like skin cancer may be minimized.