Skin tags & Dermatosis papulosa nigra ( DPN) removal 

Skin tags & Dermatosis papulosa nigra ( DPN) removal 

The small, pigmented or coloured skin growths like skin tags or dermatosis papulose nigra (DPN) are treated with following procedure for its removal –

Excision: Removal of skin tags or DPN by excision involves usage of surgical blade or scissors. This procedure is effective for smaller growths and gets completed quickly.

Cryotherapy: In this process, liquid nitrogen is used for freezing the skin growth and destroyed. Sometimes, cryotherapy may cause blistering or scabbing which falls off after sometime by itself.

Electrosurgery: In this removal treatment, electric current is used for burning off the skin tag or DPN. Electrosurgery is a quick process but causes mild scarring.

 Laser Therapy: In laser therapy, the skin tag or DPN is destroyed by focusing a beam of light of particular frequency. This method has been found to be effective for removal of these skin growths in smaller sizes or for those present in sensitive area.

One should avoid treating the skin tags or DPN at home without consultation with Dermatologists as they are the best to treat or undertake any of the above-mentioned procedures for these skin conditions. They suggest the appropriate treatment that is suitable for the particular skin type and causes the least pain. They also check on infection and post-procedure scarring. Moreover, they can recommend a biopsy to rule out cancer.   


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Skin tags are the extra growth of the skin seen as a result of friction between the skin folds or skin and jewellery, commonly seen in obese or diabetic patients. And DPN is genetic in nature.

A. The skin tags or DPN are harmless skin outgrowth though they can cause some irritation when it gets rubbed against any jewelry or clothes. Any change in shape, size, or colour should be given immediate attention to rule out any cancerous chance.

A. No. One should get the skin tag or DPN removed by a dermatologist. They maintain a sterile method of conducting the excision or electrosurgery procedure with surgical blades or scissors preventing any infection or scarring.

Skin tags and DPN can be removed by many methods like –

  • Excision
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrosurgery

Laser Therapy

A. No. The pain or discomfort depends upon the procedure. Dermatologists conduct these procedures under the local anaesthetic application but procedures like excision or electrosurgery may cause little discomfort. Cryotherapy or laser therapy are generally less painful.

A. One cannot rule out the possibility of a scar following the removal procedure like excision for the skin tag/DPN.  Dermatologists are the best to recommend the appropriate removal treatment. One must follow post-procedure care for promoting healing and minimizing the scarring