Pissed off With Maskne? Know-How to Fight Back

Pissed off With Maskne? Know-How to Fight Back

‘Maskne!!!!!’ the most trending threat to the girls. Yes, ‘Maskne’ has become a horror dream for every girl and woman. But wait…. Are you finding it difficult to sort out what the ‘maskne’ is?

Dr. Kavita Best cosmetologist in Bangalore explain, ‘Maskne’ simply refers to the acne caused by wearing a mask. If you head into more medical details then you will find the term acne mechanica. This is a dermatological condition that involves breaking out of acne as a side-effect of wearing a face mask for a prolonged time.

‘Precaution is better than cure.’ We all heard this idiom since our childhood but can you deny that you have realized the hard meaning of this idiom throughout the year 2020?

Apart from this realization, 2020 has also taught us that precaution to something might be the actual pain to another thing. If you have already suffered from ‘maskne’ then you must have understood what I mean.

Yes, acne outburst due to wearing a mask has become a real pain for so many people. Although it more common in women and girls and boys are experiencing the same. However, here again, the idiom ‘Precaution is better than cure’ becomes the solution. 

Yes, you can prevent mask acne very easily by taking proper and daily precautionary measures. But, before jumping to those precautions know about facts causing mask acne. 

What causes mask acne (‘maskne’)?

Other than the normal acne clogged pores are again the culprit of mask acne. But in absence of a mask, the facial skin can breathe with better ease. As a consequence, the possibility of acne becomes lower. While wearing a mask, the deposition of oil, bacterial, and several pollutants as well become too fast as skin can’t breathe properly.  The result is the outburst of mask acne. 

Apart from this, continuous deposition of sweat and moisture inside you mask frostier the risk of acne formation. 

The scenario might become worse in case you are suffering from any other skin conditions like allergic dermatitis, rosacea, or psoriasis. 

How to prevent Mask acne?

So how to fight back against this skin condition. Stop wearing a mask? Nooooooooo. Don’t be that much crazy; rather just do six following activities on regular basis.

Wash your face: Washing your face is the best way to keep your skin free from irritation and clogged pores. Wash your face immediately you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Throughout the day wash, your face every time you come from outside and put off your mask.

Stick to a gentle cleanser: Deep cleaning might sound like a better option to you. Or, you might think why waste time several times face washing when one-time deep cleansing might give you the same result?

If your thinking is on the above track, sorry to say you are more open to mask acne. 

Forget the normal situation. You have to realize that you are living in a pandemic situation. The hush chemicals in a strong cleanser might affect your skin in your next time mask-wearing. A mild cleanser will help you to balance the moisture and oil secretion and you may lower the chances of clogged pores.

If you are experiencing severe mask acne then you might consult your dermatologist and pick up any salicylic acid-based cleanser.

Keep your face moisturized: Keeping your face oil-free does not mean you have to leave your skin dry. If you do that you are committing the biggest mistake. Friction between the mask material and your skin will increase the chances as well as the severity of the pimples. You always keep your skin hydrated using a suitable moisturizer. Choose water, gel, or oil-based one depending on your skin type but choose only the right one. And yes, always use non-comedogenic moisturizer. Such moisturizer doesn’t block your skin.

 Choose the right mask: Increasing the layer of your mask no doubt offers better protection for the coronavirus. But, don’t forget the period throughout you will be wearing the mask. Wearing a mask with more than three layers is not good for prolonged use. Wear a maximum of 4 layer mask but the fabric should be cotton in this case. And yes, don’t even think of reusing surgical or other disposable masks. In the case of a reusable mask take the soap or detergent you choose. Refrain yourself from using perfumed soap or harsh detergent. And yes, don’t even think of sanitizing your mask and reuse. Mainly in the case of alcohol-based sanitizer, the skin pores get affected. In case you already have acne, you might face severe infections. 

Take a break from your mask every four hours: If you are wearing the mask for a prolonged time of more than 4 hours, make a practice of taking it off for 2 minutes every 4 hours. This helps your skin to breathe. 

Say goodbye to heavy makeup until the COVID situation gets over: You might be holding your heart but sorry to say there is no other option. Wearing heavy makeup along with a face mask can cause a severe outbreak of mask acne. So limit your make with topical creams and mild moisturizer. you might face severe infections. 

So no need to panic about maskne anymore. No need to think of roaming around without wearing the mask. Just spend few minutes on the precaution and stay away both from the mask acne and Coronavirus.

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