Monsoon Skin Care Requirements for Glowing Skin

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Monsoon season and wet days have transpired welcoming much-needed showers with its solitary aroma of the soil, lush greenery, cool breeze, and blossoming flowers enjoyed with hot food, of course! Besides, there is a great relief from the extreme summer heat that causes sunburns, tans, and stinky skin. The season is followed by the damp and humid weather that brings about fungus, skin allergies, and infections. Hence, we must be prudent in following strict skincare during monsoon season.

Here are a few useful tips to tackle skin care in the monsoon and get glowing skin throughout the season.

Maintaining hygiene and protecting your skin are important factors to be careful at first to avoid infection. Cleansing your face with a mild foaming face wash at least two to three a day to remove the extra dirt and oil that clogs your pores.

Skin tone maintenance is equally important to beat off excess oil from the skin that results from the humid climate. Using a non-alcoholic products helps you correct your skin tone and balance the skin pH. A few simple steps toward skincare will give you glowing radiant skin.

The humidity due to the rainy climate makes the inner layer of your skin brittle and dry. Using a sustaining moisturizer makes your skin healthy, moist, and supple.

People with oily skin must use water-based moisturizer in monsoon as it has the property of extracting excess oil from the skin and keeping it nourished for long.

You must continue the usual habit of using sunscreen even in monsoon season. There may be clouds outside, but the harmful UV rays will be still emitted that can cause harm to your skin.

Skin exfoliation must also form another important skin routine. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from the body and makes it clean and breathable.

Keep yourself well hydrated by consuming ample water throughout the day to get a natural glow on your skin. Monsoon makes us sweat due to more humid levels in that air that makes skin look dull and pale. Keep yourself safe from sweat as it can affect your skin’s shine and moisture.

Taking care of hair is also vital as the humidity attracts more dust that settles on your scalp or ends, damaging them. Use a mild shampoo to rinse your hair and maintain its softness and shine.

Another key note is that you must avoid using imitation jewelry during monsoon season. Sensitive skin is more prone to skin damage as the humidity increases the risk of any breakout on the skin.

Finally, using only natural and organic products on your skin yields long-term benefits on your skin aging and texture.

Small mindful care and regular maintenance routine rejuvenate your skin and maintain your skin radiance and sheen. So, ensure you take that little extra care for your skin this monsoon.

So, what is your skincare routine during rainy days? Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy Rains!

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