Is derma roller effective for hair growth?

Is derma roller effective for hair growth?

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Do you know the one thing that most people dread the most about aging? 

It is hair loss. We are going to talk about a safe, and effective treatment for hair loss using a derma roller 

Hair loss has a tendency of making one extremely conscious of their appearance. 

There are several causes for hair loss. Not surprisingly, we see that the market is flooded with treatment options and products claiming to reduce hair fall.

Some of the products are DHT blocking shampoos, topical treatments, hair fall lotions, and many more.

It is now proved that one of the more natural and effective hair loss treatment processes is the derma roller.

What is a derma roller?

The derma roller, or micro-needling, is a tool that makes tiny incisions in the skin with its micro-needles. The needles in the tool gradually cut into your dermal layer of the skin, piercing it just deep enough to boost the circulation and create a new production of cells, encouraging hair growth in the process. 

The micro-needling treatment is a very simple procedure, thus making it a very convenient hair loss solution.

A derma roller helps in boosting collagen production to cure hair loss. Research shows that it can also assist in curing imperfections on your skin as well.

What is the Science Behind It?

According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, treatment with micro-needling showed an accelerated response, leading to significant scalp density. 

The procedure creates a number of tiny punctures all over the surface. The body responds by flooding the area with wound-healing and inflammatory molecules. As a result, the scalp gets stimulated to boost new hair growth. Micro-needling is a simple, safe, and effective method to stimulate scalp hair growth. It is beneficial for both men and women.

Study shows that the most effective use of micro-needling is hair growth stimulation preventing hair loss. The procedure is are not known to cause any damage to your scalp since the needles only penetrate deep enough into the scalp to trigger the growth of skin cells and initiate the healing process.

The process of healing includes three stages:

  • Inflammation
  • Proliferation
  • Maturation 

Micro-needling: The Benefits

1.) Micro-needling assists in the absorption of other hair growth treatment methods such as light therapy and DHT-blocking shampoos.

2.) Blood flow is increased to the scalp. This helps to boost oxygen and other nutrients to travel to the hair follicles.

3.) Micro-needling procedures help to start the healing process, thus stimulating problematic areas.

But remember that without expert medical assistance, there are risks involved. Hence if you are looking at getting derma roller treatment done for hair growth, go to your doctor.

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