Hair Care: Myths Vs Facts

Hair Care: Myths Vs Facts

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You are fully aware now that your hair has a mind of its own. It does whatever it wants. Now, you have to show that you are the boss here and stop the hair from misbehaving. It is through a proper hair care routine.

Maintenance of hair is quite a task and requires due diligence on your part. We are flooded with tips, stories, and ads on the best way to take care of our hair. But how do we differentiate the fact from the myth?

This is a crucial step for taking care of those beautiful locks.

Myth 1: Chopping your hair frequently makes it grow faster.

Fact: Cutting or trimming your hair has no effect on the growth of the hair. This is because it is the follicles in the scalp that determine hair growth. Nevertheless, it is good to trim your hair as it keeps the ends healthy regularly. If you cut off the ends, your hair looks fuller and more youthful.

Myth 2: Brushing your hair often makes it healthy.

Fact: Some people who believe in this myth tend to over-brush their hair. Brushing once or twice a day is great, but if you brush more than the required times, you are damaging your hair’s outer protection layer by the friction created by brushing. This leads to breakage of hair. It can also cause hair’s cuticles.

Myth 3: Blow drying damages hair

Fact: This belief must have come up because excessive heat can damage your hair. But experts recommend using a dryer on its lowest heat setting to dry your hair. Instead of leaving your hair to air-dry once you wash, give a quick blow dry. According to a recent study, exposing your hair to water for an extended period of time can cause damage inside the hair strands.

Myth 4: Plucking and removing your grey hair will increase its growth.

Fact: For years, people have said that plucking grey hair would promote the growth of more grey hair. Over generations of people believe that one hair plucked would result in two grey hair in its place. But do not fret anymore. We are here to tell you that it does not harm. The follicles below determine every hair growth ( black or grey ). So if you pull out a grey hair, it will not affect the hair or follicles around it. But it is recommended that instead of going through the painful process of pulling out the greys, you must book an appointment with a hairstylist to get the color you desire.

Myth 5: Washing hair with cold water makes it shine

Fact: According to research, cold water does not have any effect on the health or quality of the hair. If you wish to get a shine, then you need to use a good quality conditioner regularly after shampooing. Another way you can get healthy hair is by using a mask after washing your hair. There are various treatments also available that can make your hair shine. Your hair stylists can recommend the best products that are suitable for your hair.

While washing your hair, it is recommended you don’t rub harshly. You must gently massage the scalp with a mild shampoo. After rinsing, apply a good conditioner. Care should be taken to apply conditioner only on the ends and not touch the scalp. Also, experts advise against washing your hair daily as it will strip it off the natural oils.

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