5 Most Common Factors For Premature Aging

5 Most Common Factors For Premature Aging

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In today’s world, people as young as twenty to twenty-five years old tend to look way older than their age. The lifestyle, along with stress is a significant factor driving premature ageing.

What is Premature Ageing?

This early onset of ageing (not due to normal slowing down of bodily functions) is called premature ageing.

As you get older, it is natural for the internal processes in your body to slow down. This includes processes such as skin cell turnover and takes longer to recharge than before.

This causes signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fatigue.

These changes may be acceptable if it happens at the right age but annoying if they happen earlier than expected.

More and more people are suffering from premature ageing. It is impossible to avoid these changes altogether. But the good news is, there are ways to reduce the signs of premature ageing in your body. It becomes quite frustrating if it happens before you are ready to embrace them.

What are the factors that cause premature ageing?

Unmanaged Stress

This is the most significant contributing factor for premature ageing. It is a silent process; hence it is something most people are not even aware of, but if left unmanaged can cause irreversible damage.

It is impossible to avoid premature ageing altogether.

Physiological ageing can modify responsivity to stress because of reduced resilience. Once a person is unable to manage stress, it starts affecting the internal systems. Gradually, the body is less capable of fighting stress. It starts showing up in different ways in different people. For some, it results in dull aged look.

In the same way, consider a person who can manage his day to day stress, both professionally and personally. The blood circulation tends to be better, owing to the multiple hormones in play and the face glows, thus making one appear youthful. The muscles are more relaxed; the skin is capable of recuperating faster.

Remember this. Premature ageing can be delayed if you can manage your stress. It is recommended you try de-stressing techniques such as yoga and meditation that helps in managing stress.


The millennials work throughout the week and party during the weekend. Their late-night parties, eating out, sleepless nights, smoking and drinking is a part of their life. People need to be more aware of the harmful effects of leading such a lifestyle. Not caring about your habits leads to an imbalance in your bodily functions, the results of which might not be seen immediately. Along with other adverse effects on the body’s ability to recover and repair, it affects the skin’s ability to recuperate, and the result is premature ageing. It leads to ageing such as puffy face and swollen eye region and wrinkles.

It is highly essential to lead a balanced lifestyle. Youngsters should be aware that having fun should not result in adverse effects on their body. Their body is a temple; it should involve adequate rest, fitness, balanced diet and sound sleep. The importance of water cannot be stressed. If you look around, you will notice that people who have the right amount of water have an adequate amount of water. It is these small things that will help you in delaying premature ageing.

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