The radiance of healthy skin says it all. Skin with a smooth texture, suppleness, and flawless appearance is always on the wish list of any girl or lady. Laser treatment is one of the most recognized ways of treating many common skin conditions for an effective and result-oriented treatment approach.

We are attempting to answer many queries related to Laser Skin Treatment through this article –

Laser: LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification of the Stimulated Radiation Emission” where an intense light beam of a particular wavelength is targeted as pulse shots. These pulse shots are capable of penetrating deep layers of skin and targeting particular causative agents. This accuracy of laser has brought about a revolution in treating skin conditions and many other medical conditions.

LASER & Skin: Skin is made up of 5 layers and many appendages like hair follicles, sebum glands, sweat glands, etc. embedded in it. All these play an important role in skin health and appearance. A wide range of laser devices is available to treat different types of skin conditions – superficial or deep-rooted.  Dermatologists select the device depending on the skin condition and decide on the duration of treatment. Some conditions may need multiple treatment sessions for getting desired results.

Laser & Glowing Skin: Pulsed CO2 or Erbium laser is used for resurfacing the skin layer. The laser pulse is shot on the superficial layers to bring uniformity in skin tone or remove the blemishes or the skin tags. In other cases, laser improves the collagen development in the skin eliminating skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Laser & Acne/Acne-scar Treatment: The controlled heating or the photo-selective absorption method of the laser helps in dealing with active acne whereas acne scars are treated by promoting the re-development of collagen in the pitted or uneven skin surfaces.

Laser and Hyper-pigmentation of SKIN: Pigments like melanin are responsible for skin color. The laser acts on these pigments causing hyperpigmentation by using selective destruction of pigments with specific light wavelengths. Immediately after the procedure, the skin may look brunt or dull but after a few days, skin rejuvenates into a brighter, younger, and clearer one.

Laser and Birthmark: Birthmarks like a port wine stain or haemangioma are treated with multiple sessions of intense pulse laser treatment. In some cases, follow-up with a once-a-year session is recommended for optimal results.