Skin is one of the largest organs on our body. Proper treatment and care are essential to maintaining the health and vitality of this crucial protection.

Maintaining the balance of fluids

Skin also acts as a strong barrier against water loss. Trans-epidermal water loss is water that passes from your deeper tissues through the epidermal layer to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation process. Humidity, weather, temperature, and the skin natural moisture content is some of the factors which affect water loss.

Since this is a continuous process and we have very little control over it. Disruption to the skin barrier due to some wounds, scratches or burns can increase the process of water loss. This will lead to the extreme dryness of the skin.
The stratum corneum has 30% water which is associated with elasticity of the outer layer of the skin. The innermost layer of the stratum corneum has the maximum percentage of water that supports the outer layer. The moisture on the outermost layer of the skin is dependent on the ambient humidity.

Skin As A Protective Organ - Skin Specialist in Sarjapur Road

Regulating body temperature:

It plays a vital role in the regulation of our body temperature as it insulates our body, conserves heat in cold conditions and perspires to cool the body down when it gets hot.

Sensing pressure and pain:

Skin is an important sensory organ as it absorbs shock and alerts us against danger.

Biggest immune guard

Skin is considered as one of the biggest immune guards that keeps you safe from infections. We have to be extra careful when we have chapped skin or cuts as there are chances for infection. If it is monsoon season we need to be extra precaution as there is higher humidity and more chances of bacteria to grow. So keep your skin well hydrated, clean and dry

But there is a flip side to this.

Since skin is a protective barrier, the location that we use plays a very vital role in the kind of protection it offers offered to your skin

You have to choose products from skincare companies that are research-oriented because they use the right vehicles, the right version of the actives (key ingredients or ingredients that give you the desired result), and the appropriate molecular size to deliver the ingredients into the skin through the top layer.