Facials are to face what blow drying and deep conditioning are to hair. In facials, it is imperative that the creams and other products used on your face match your skin type. Tools and instruments used in facials must also be safe and effective. Of course, everything depends on the skill and experience of the therapist and the person performing the facial.

Medi facials are not exactly like ordinary facials and are performed more clinically. There are many different kinds of medi facials involving various creams, lotions and face beautification products. The cosmetologist will choose the right kind of facial and products according to the desired results. Some facials include neck, shoulder and back massages. A facial may take between 45 minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Results are visible instantly and last between 10 and 15 days. But facials are meant to nourish the skin and any organ needs continuous nourishment. Hence, facials should be repeated regularly to achieve long-lasting results.

Plenty of things can go wrong in a facial. The best creams will be ineffective or even harmful is applied on the wrong skin type. Tools not sterilized properly may damage the skin or even cause infections. It is also crucial that hands of the beautician performing the facial move in the right directions with the correct pressure.

Facials at SK TruDerma are performed by experienced beauticians and masseuses under the supervision of our senior cosmetologists. The team ensures that individual attention and care is given to achieve the desired results.

As mentioned above, we use various types of medi facials, employing different beauty products, tools and techniques for different skin health and beauty goals.

This facial is best suited for oily and acne-prone skin, skin with existing black and white heads and to remove dead skin.

This is very effective on faces with mature and dry skin, dehydrated or dull skin. This facial is ideal if you just need to relax and restore your face to its natural, fresh looks.

As the name suggests, this facial works wonders if the goal is to restore the glow and shine of dull facial skin, which needs to ‘wake up’.  Illuminating facials use peels.

 This is one of the most soothing, nourishing and healing medi facials. The face is sprayed with different serums, along with pure oxygen. For hair, we use peptides on the scalp in combination with other active ingredients to promote faster hair growth. This is one of the most popular medi facials at SK TruDerma.

In hydra facials, a combination of suction, mild exfoliation and infusion hydrates the facial skin and makes it fresh and glowing. Hydra facials are best suited for dull and slightly oily skin

This facial cuts across all skin types and age groups. It is a again a combination of different techniques; in this case we employ radiofrequency, a low-intensity laser and oxygenating exfoliation with brightening creams. This combination leaves your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant.

Laser facial can also be called laser toning or laser bleaching. It is best suited for a patchy complexion, pigmented skin and skin with an uneven tone. It also targets the fine hair on the face and body. Best results come with regular sessions, where the skin gains hugely with collagen stimulation, which in turn causes tightening of pores.