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Female chin hair is not only extremely unsightly, it can also be very irritating and embarrassing, especially for ladies who have to appear in public. Conventional solutions like plucking them out them can be tiresome and painful. But the most frustrating is the fact these treatments are only temporary. The hair grows back and women just have to go through the annoying cycle again and again.

Laser Treatment For Chin Hair Removal in Sarjapur Road, Sk Truderma  is the perfect alternative to conventional methods of chin hair removal. It is safe, painless and effective to the point of being permanent. It starts with the dermatologist diagnosing the cause of the chin hair growth. Chin hair afflicts a small but sizable number of women. Based on the diagnosis, the skin specialist will then recommend and execute a holistic remedial strategy, which includes medical and cosmetic procedures.

Causes of Chin Hair

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Any treatment strategy for removing chin hair must take into account the underlying cause of the unwanted hair growth. Some of the reasons for chin hair growth are:

Hormonal Imbalance: This is the major reason for chin hair growth in women. When androgen, a hormone present in both males and females, is overproduced in women, it generates male characteristics in their bodies, including facial hair.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): This condition can trigger a hormonal imbalance in women leading to chin hair growth.

Cushing’s Syndrome: Cushing’s syndrome cause produces the hormone cortisol in excess leading to hormonal imbalance.

Side Effects: Chin hair growth can also be the side effect of certain medicines, particularly those related to asthma and arthritis.

Others Conditions: Chin hair growth can also be genetic. Some medical conditions, for e.g. Adrenal Hyperplasia can also cause growing facial hair.

Safe, Painless and Effective Chin Hair Removal 

Hair on women’s chins not only undermines their looks, it can be a serious blow to their self-esteem. Hence, it is in their best interest to seek a long-lasting solution for this affliction. Laser hair removal is the best remedy for chin hair growth because it is quick, safe and effective. Laser hair removal uses advanced technology called selective photothermolysis, which is now available to everyday women who are suffering from unwanted chin hair.

When women pluck out the hair, it leaves the root of the hair intact, from where the hair grows back. In laser treatment, concentrated rays of light pierce the hair follicles on the chin. Selective photothermolysis targets only the black pigmentation of the hair. Since the roots are destroyed, it takes a long time for them to redevelop and grow hair. This hair is also thinner and contains lesser melanin, which keeps diminishing after every laser treatment session till the root of the unable to redevelop. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment procedure and requires a series of sessions for the results to become permanent.

Disadvantages of Conventional Methods

Other methods of skin hair removal may seem like home remedies but some of them cause a lot of discomfort. And with the results lasting from a several days to some weeks, it can be tiresome to repeat the same procedure after such durations. Here’s why you should avoid the following conventional methods of chin hair removal:

Shaving: Not only it is unladylike to shave, even with a specially designed razor like tinkle razor, but you only remove the surface strand of hair leaving the root intact.

Threading: Plucking chin hair by using a thread is painful and tedious. Even if you have it done at a salon, you’re still removing hair from the root, leaving it to grow another strand later.

Depilatory Creams: Applying creams to remove unwanted may seem relatively easier. However, not only are you exposing your skin to harmful chemicals, you’re not addressing the ‘root’ cause of the problem

Tweezing: You can only use tweezers if the hair growth on your chin is minimal but still, you can only pluck hair that is thick and individually visible.

Waxing: Waxing is only effective on chins whose hair strands are long enough to remove (ideally a quarter of an inch). Waxing also does not work on ingrown hair.

Other Methods: Sugaring might be a better alternative to waxing. Epilators may be a less discomforting solution than tweezers. Electrolysis is also a popular technique to get rid of unwanted hair. But none of these solutions are long-lasting.

Cost of Laser Treatment For Chin Hair Removal in Sarjapur Road | SKTruderma

The cost of a laser hair removal session varies from person to person because everyone’s case is unique. At SK TruDerma, the average price of a session is between Rs. 3,000 and Rs, 5,000. The strength and thickness of the hair, along with the underlying cause of hair growth are important factors in determining how many sessions you would need to achieve permanent results. Hence, the overall cost will also differ from person to person.