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Treating warts using radiofrequency gives the optimum result which is an easy procedure.  To ease discomfort, topical anaesthetic is applied on the area of concern, although at times small quantities of local anaesthetic need to be injected to minimise pain even further.  Radiofrequency works by applying an electric probe on the wart and gradually burning it.  The wart will eventually fall off with natural healing within a week’s time. Topical antibiotics are prescribed to eliminate the risk of secondary infections.  Sometimes, a second session may be needed to prevent recurrence.

We at SK TRUDERMA Clinics have the expertise to remove warts with most advanced technology and techniques:

  • The experienced and qualified cosmetic dermatologists at SK TRUDERMA Clinics remove the warts with precision using extreme care
  • The radiofrequency laser equipments are USFDA approved and most advanced for higher safety and efficacy.
  • We respect your rights of privacy and go out of the way to make you comfortable by providing one-to-one consultation and a personal service room.
  • Our highly experienced Anaesthetists use the best topical and local anaesthetic to ensure you have no pain and make you comfortable.
  • We at SK TRUDERMA Clinics adhere to strict guidelines and stringent protocol for wart removal at every step.
  • We understand that care post treatment is as important as the treatment itself and we provide a customized post care instruction list just for you.

We are located centrally and have the best infrastructure and homely ambience to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.