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It is fashionable to have a tattoo but as fashions change tattoos also change and you need a new tattoo in place of the old one.  Do not despair, Cutis offers Qs Nd:YAG laser for tattoo removal. This treatment is painless, safe and scar free. A tattoo cannot be removed at one go and a number of sessions are needed which depend on the ink and whether the tattoo is professional or amateur, the average number of sessions are 6- 8 at monthly interval. We at SK Truderma have developed a novel method to remove the tattoo in lesser number of sessions with no side effects.

Watch Laser Tattoo Removal by Q switched ND YAG in action:

Indeed it is. Infact the darker the ink is the laser tattoo removal treatment works better. The laser works by targeting the pigment so the darker the ink, the easier it is to remove. Black colour can be broken up completely and extremely efficiently.

Tattoos were once considered to be permanent in nature. This would be true if it was some 20 years ago but now since we have laser tattoo removal, things are totally different.

Not at all. Laser only target the ink and is very accurate. Also based on the requirements the wavelength is determined hence burning is completely avoided.

Treatment is usually customized and it depends entirely on the complexity of your tattoo.

  • SK TRUDERMA is a pioneer in Hair Transplant technology where in different patterns of baldness are treated. Our client specific approach to their problems has made us very popular among people seeking hair transplantation.
  • The procedures are carried out in our internal sterilization unit under thorough aseptic condition to minimize the risk of infection.
  • SK TRUDERMAcan boast of a lovely ambience and world class amenities with wi-fi facility and satellite television as we believe in giving the best to our clients.
    is a haven for people seeking hair transplant because of its caring environment and respect for patient’s privacy.
  • Creating a natural hairline is a work of art and can be perfected only by years of experience.SK TRUDERMA is a master at creating natural looking hairlines.
  • Last but not the least;SK TRUDERMA’s motto is to give the best of treatment and post procedure care and ensuring client’s safety.

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