Exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun with little or no protection can cause sun spots, brown spots, freckles, etc. on the sun exposed areas of the body.  Sun spots have been given various terms such as age spots, liver spots, freckles, age spots, solar lentigos or solar lentigines. These spots are flat, brown, or dark brown spots which form on the sun-exposed areas of skin.  Elderly people experience sun spots mostly appearing on the face, chest, neck, backs of hands and forearms.  Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun has a harmful effect on the skin.  Melanocytes which are pigment cells in the skin are activated to increase pigment production to tackle the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Prevention is the most effective therapy in treating sunspots, therefore protecting the skin by wearing sunscreen every day will prevent further sun spots.  The sun spots afflicted areas are assessed before we prescribe any creams or lotions to determine which will be the most suitable treatment for you.  The exact severity of each pigmented area cannot be assessed, so a combination of treatments is prescribed to achieve optimum result.

There is no dearth of treatments for sun spots and a combination of treatments can provide the optimum result.

  • Laser Pigmentation Removal – Alexandrite 755mm for spots on the face or body
  • Only Touch (Chemical Peeling) – for deeper stubborn sun spots
  • TCA Chemical Peel –for general sun spots on the face, body, hands, and larger areas.
  • ActiveFX CO2 Ablative Laser – for any pigmentation both deep and superficial.
  • Homecare Products – Lightening Products