A scar is an unpleasant residue left behind after healing of a wound or skin breakdown caused by cut to the skin, infection, or other abnormal growth on the skin like acne, macules or papules.  Scars can initially be red and thick and fade or become flat or lumpy.  Scars on the face can particularly be unaesthetic and make you look unappealing making it necessary for you to seek cosmetic treatment to eliminate them.

Do not despair, scars are removable with skin laser technology and our Dermatologists perform these procedures quite regularly in our clinic.  Skin laser technology has become so effective that scars are minimised to almost being invisible and can also be completely eliminated depending on their severity.  Fractional co2 laser therapy is one such therapy that we offer.

During this procedure, minute beams of light are targeted at the scar site which penetrates deeply into the skin. As a result, hundreds of microscopic holes are formed where skin cells have been removed. These holes cause the old skin cells to disintegrate and stimulate production of collagen within the deeper skin layers. The surrounding healthy skin then works quickly to replace the disintegrated cells with new skin cells.

  • Lasers have taken over the work of surgical tools giving much superior precision and treatment sites have become shorter and shallower causing minimum damage to the tissues.
  • The time spent during a laser therapy is much less than traditional surgeries and can be done without being admitted to the hospital. Other advantages are that recovery period following sedation and procedure is much less and side effects like swelling, pain and scarring are also minimum.

On an average, there is up to 70{4f01118d88f1d78e965e0542c8d49552f568389656627b6b9c98bbc44f1552f3} improvement in scar appearance following laser therapy.