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Pimples/Acne, although a very minor and treatable skin condition, can be distressing and at times depressing for teenagers (especially teenage girls) when they look at themselves in the mirror.  Pimples predominantly afflict the upper-half of the body due to hormonal changes, hyperactivity of the oil glands, pollution, physical & mental stress, etc.

At SK TRUDERMA, we have the expertise to treat pimples giving precise treatment.  Pimples can be eradicated when tackled early leaving no residue or scars.

Are you troubled by acne? Yes, you are not the only one. Pimples is a very common condition which afflicts almost every person at a certain age.  Acne can be very de-motivating, unappealing and can be a cause of depression in young people.  Acne breakout can be frequent in some people and their duration can be longer than normal due to their skin type and hormonal changes.  Scar formation after acne or untreated acne can affect your complexion and looks which can bring the confidence level down. Acne should be tackled in its early phase to prevent and limit scarring.

  • Each treatment session is designed to suit your needs, using multiple modalities if your scars require them.
  • Our highly qualified dermatologists select the laser parameters after a very thorough examination of your skin’s scarring and pigmentation.
  • Every treatment modality is selected carefully to suit your skin type and take utmost care in ensuring that you are not allergic to any kind of medication.
  • We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and address your concerns pertaining to the treatment and make sure you are satisfied till the entire issue is settled.