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The medical term for moles is nevi which is a bunch of pigmented cells seen on the skin as dark spots.

Not all moles are appealing; it is necessary to remove them for aesthetic and health reasons. There are a variety of reasons to get your moles removed at SK TRUDERMA Clinics:

  • Only qualified cosmetic dermatologists who have skills and expertise remove moles.
  • We have strict guidelines and we adhere to tested protocols to assure safety and efficacy.
  • At SK TRUDERMA Clinics, we offer patient specific mole removal treatment for every client.
  • We are centrally located, have latest infrastructure and a peaceful and relaxing ambience.
  • Comprehensive consultation with the doctor and subsequently care and attention by the rigorously trained therapists.
  • We adhere to strict guidelines in regards to patient information and do not share any information even with the closest family members without the consent of the patient.
  • We provide individual consultation room to every client.