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Sparkling skin is not just about a physical quality, but rather it is additionally about feeling great from inside. It generally adds a stylish interest to your magnificence. Once in a while, on the off chance that you are not content with your skin, it might influence your fearlessness and demeanor. In any case, this is not any more a reason for stress, on account of the pigmentation medications at SK TRUDERMA. A normally sound skin clears path for a solid brilliance and lifts your persona enormously. The skin colour is determined by the use of Melanin, a dark colored shade found in skin, hair and iris (eye). The skin varieties are basically hereditary and exposure to Sunlight

The treatment can be done through

  • medication,
  • Peels,
  • Retinoids,
  • AHAs,
  • Kojic acid,
  • Botanicals,
  • Anti-dandruff medications and anti-fungals
Every individual desires a flawless and glowing skin.  If you want to fulfill your desires, then SK TRUDERMA Clinics is the destination for skin pigmentation treatment. Why our skin pigmentation treatment is best:

  • SK TRUDERMA Clinics is proud to employ highly qualified and experienced cosmetic dermatologists with loads of expertise in treating skin pigmentation and other skin disorders.
  • At SK TRUDERMA Clinics we use USFDA approved equipments which adhere to international standards.
  • Our therapists use latest treatment options like laser toning along with prescribed medications.
  • At SK TRUDERMA Clinics we provide treatment specific to the client’s skin type.
  • Our therapists undergo a training programme for a period of 6 months and gain valuable on-the-job experience before performing actual treatment procedures.

Every SK TRUDERMA Clinic has the most modern infrastructure with a peaceful ambience.