Freckles are little brown spots that develop as a result of sun damage. Melanocytes, pigment producing cell, located in the epidermis produce melanin which is transferred to keratinocytes, the most predominant skin cells, which form the outer layer of our skin. This layer protects us from environmental factors such as sun damage.

There are a number of treatment options available to diminish the appearance and formation of freckles.  More than one treatment regime may be required for optimum result. Not everyone’s skin will be amenable to similar treatments and freckles can re-develop with repeated sun exposure.

  • Bleaching or fading creams: These products can diminish freckles if they are used over a prolonged period consisting of months for optimum result along with preventative measures like sun avoidance and sun protection.
  • Vitamin A Based Creams: This product also need to be applied for a lengthy period of time consisting of months along with other bleaching creams to diminish formation of freckles.
  • Laser treatment: Treatment using Fractional Non ablative 1550nm lasers may diminish the formation of freckles in a safe and efficacious way. This is an effective procedure with a high success rate and risk of scarring or skin discoloration is low. Intense Pulsed Light treatments and the Instalite laser (Revlite) also help diminish freckles and revitalise and tone the skin substantially within three to four sessions.
  • Treatment using chemical peels can also diminish freckles and clear abnormal pigmentation.
  • The first step is to determine the skin type and condition
  • Once the type and condition is determined, peel prep is given to the skin and home care regime is prescribed. The home care is also vital for the outcome of the treatment
  • On completion of two weeks, chemical peels using TCA / Phenol Peel treatments are started. The interval time between each sessions is determined by the severity of skin condition
  • The recommended time interval is two weeks between each sessions of medium level peels followed by Fractional Laser
  • Time interval for non-ablative fractional laser is 3–4 sessions every 3 weeks to eliminate the freckles
  • Preventative measures in the form of oral antioxidants are prescribed to boost skin immunity against UV radiation
  • Topical applications should be continued at home to maintain the results.