Thread Lift is a procedure for skin lifting and tightening. Threads, which can be absorbed by the body, are inserted into the skin and left there for a while. The threads cause a reaction similar to wound healing, which in turn stimulates collagen production.

After the basic preparation of the skin of the designated areas, the skin specialist inserts the threads into those face areas along the lines of the desired lifting. It takes a trained and experienced face specialist who knows exactly where to insert the threads. The threads take three or four weeks to dissolve in the body.

  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Some face contouring
  • Skin lifting

Results are visible in a month’s time and keep getting better for a year. There will be more sessions of thread lift, the frequency of which is decided by your dermatologist after discussion with you. The frequency is generally once in six months or a year, which may change as the treatment progresses.

If a thread is inserted in a wrong place, it may be visible under the skin. There may be tiny bruises but they are temporary. If proper care is not taken, infection may occur, though it is unusual. On rare occasions, a thread can be rejected and evicted out of the skin