Fillers reduce wrinkles and bring back the natural look of the facial skin by filling in the spaces in the skin where internal element of the skin called collagen has reduced.

This Filler contains Hyluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our body.

It along with water forms a gel kind of a substance which is the main element that lubricates the different joint and muscles of the human body adding the charm to the skin as well.

However it’s produced by firms in different proportions and offers different purposes which the choice requires some expert consultation.

Dr. Kavitha GV Mandal recommends the ideal filler for you, after analyzing your skin pattern and based on your aesthetic requirement and the primary treatment concern that needs to be taken care.

The procedure includes assessment cleansing and temporary marking of the area where filling will happen. Like the usual injectables Dr. Kavitha GV Mandal offers initial consultation and makes you understand the mode of treatment and the type of filler chosen and its cost is provided to you.

Dr. Kavitha GV Mandal then personally administers the actual treatment consisting of injecting the filler with the delicate needle is personally monitored by Dr.Kavitha GV Mandal, Lady Dermatologist at SK truderma, who is well regarded for her gentleness in treatment and quick turnaround.

Well, it’s instant!

Cheeks,lips,nasal folds,areas under the eyes,jawline and many more places are the usual spots for this treatment. Fillers work on the below aspects of your facial skin:

  • Smoothen or diminish the visibility of facial lines
  • Increase the volume of lips
  • Decrease the lower eye lid volume
  • Take care of any acne scar
  • Elevate nose or reduce the hump etc
  • Better the jawline
  • Corrections to make face look healthy post weight loss

It will be great when your dermatologist has a sharp eye for noticing subtle features and a skill for correcting or enhancing to make you appear at your best and beautiful, and Dr. Kavitha GV Mandal is just known for that. She specializes in Injectables which was her area of interest since the beginning.