There can be multiple wrinkles appeared on your face, but why let wrinkles speak of your age when modern cosmetic care is right here to help.

Anti-aging is the buzz word right now. It doesn’t get into making your face appear frozen against your age but it does bring out the best possible look in you at whatever age you currently are.

You must know the way face is structured is very different from the other muscles of the body, specially that these muscles come attached to the surface of the skin.

Did you know, facial skin is pulled by the facial muscles whenever we smile or form any other expression? This is because unlike most muscles of the body, the layers of facial muscles right below the surface of the skin are actually attached. And naturally as we age the same results in the formation of wrinkles.

Aging takes a toll on our face in various forms like decrease in fat volume, loss of bone structure and on expression lines.

Well ageing affects a lot of things on your body and what we are concerned is the aesthetic part  it here. The effect can be noticed on the skin on our hands and neck. The easiest visible affect could be on hair as the capacity to absorb nutrition decreases and hair becomes finer. The timeline of such occurrence can even be predicted when it comes to women since usually hair goes drier without any lusture post the phase of menopause.

Now how do we fight the impact of aging on our skins? Are those moisturizers and other cosmetic creams good enough to reduce the aesthetic damage that aging do? No. This requires more structured attention and good care. You will need expert consultation in your fight against skin ageing. Dr. Kavitha GV Mandal, Skin Specialist at SK Truderma, helps rejuvenate your skin so you once again have that healthy youthful glow back and carry it with you wherever you go for the years to come.

When your skin is receives the most advanced cosmetic treatments out there to vanish those wrinkles on your face and move towards tightening the sagging or drooling effect on the skin, the  glow returns back to your face with new radiance; giving you control on your age for the years that follow