Open skin pores are often due to oily skin. Aging also tends to relax the skin, which opens up the pores. Open pores cause the skin to get dull as they prevent light from reflecting uniformly. It is crucial to treat open pores by closing them so the skin brightens up with even reflection of light.
SK TruDerma and Open Pores

Our basic remedies focus on restricting the opening of the pores. Some of the procedures we employ to this end are chemical peelings and home care remedies. Collagen is an essential protein in several parts of the body but especially the skin. The right amount of protein in the skin makes it healthier.

The opening of pores can also be restricted by physically stimulating the collagen of the skin. This can be done by micro needling, with radiofrequency, if required. Another procedure we use is monopolar radiofrequency, which also acts as an anti-aging treatment while simultaneously reducing the size of the pores.

Another popular technique we employ is the hyper-diluted Botox. The medication is injected into the skin’s layers to induce the pores to shrink in size. Botox has the ability to smoothen the skin and enhance its glow. However, the results only last for about six weeks and the process may need to be repeated from time to time.

For better results, we also use a special mixture, which we combine with platelet rich plasma (PRP). The combination improves skin luminosity and makes it tighter.

At SK TruDerma, we try to avoid treatments that are harsh on the skin. Some of these procedures are excessive steaming, severe exfoliation by scrubbing, exposing the skin to hot conditions or the use of blackhead removal strips. Such treatments make the skin vulnerable to a change in the size of the pores or open them up permanently