The human skin can get rough or flaky because of dryness, seborrhea or eczema. The skin becomes scaly and in severe cases, gets cracked. These conditions commonly occur in winter and on those parts of the body, which have lesser grease glands. If the scaly appearance and cracks do not disappear by themselves soon, medical intervention becomes necessary to make the skin healthy again.

People instinctively try to get rid of the flakes or give a smooth look to the skin by scrubbing or using rough cloths like towels. This is definitely not the right way to deal with the condition since it can lead to post inflammatory pigmentation. It may also cause dark patches to appear, especially at the temples, forehead and around the mouth. People also have the misconception that mere hydration will heal the rough or flaky skin and apply creams available in the market.

SK TruDerma and Flaky Skin

 It is important to choose a cream or lotion that is compatible to your skin type. Your skin may be oil dry or water dry and only a skin expert can make the distinction. Our skin experts will study your skin thoroughly before we prescribe the lotion, cream or ointment best suited to your type of skin.