Chin enhancement

Certain genetic elements tend to give us Indians a structural weakness in the lower half of our faces. In most cases, the chin tends backwards but in others the chin protrudes. Also, as we have seen, aging makes us lose fat from certain areas of the body and the face is one of them. Fat loss can actually weaken the structure of the face, making the chin appear weak or protruding.

SK TruDerma and Chin Enhancement

 Chin enhancement involves replenishing the lost fats under the chin and remove the residual tissue. Our face aestheticians are skilled in achieving this to restore the balance and shape of the chin and make its structure naturally stronger.

These treatments are called focused ultrasound and ultherapy. They work below the skin without coming into contact with it. Yet it lifts the skin and targets unhealthy fat and excess tissue on the lower face. This makes the skin wrap the lower face more tightly and streamlines the shape of the chin.

However, if we think that the composition of the person’s face does not warranty the above two treatment options, we opt for radiofrequency or ultrasound or injectibles.