Cheekbones are defining features of a person’s face. They constitute the structure of your face beneath your skin, especially the malar bones. If the malar bones are situated in close proximity to the eyes, the person is considered to have high cheekbones. A person is said to have lower cheekbones when the malar bones rest closer to the bottom of the nose. Higher cheekbones are considered as making a face more attractive. But cheekbones do not always define the attractiveness of a person’s face.
SK TruDerma and Cheekbones

However, if you do want to alter the appearance of your cheekbones, we have the right make-up strategies to make your cheekbones appear higher and more prominent. Clinical treatments are also available to alter their appearance. Dermal fillers are another option to make your cheekbones appear more prominent and results last for up to three months.

People who want to permanently change the shape of their faces also have the plastic surgery option, which we do not recommend.