As we grow older, the bones in our bodies begin wearing out just like our muscles, fat and other tissues. As this happens, the angle of the jaw may become more blunt or rounded because of the loss of the surrounding soft tissue.

SK Derma and Jaw Angle Correction

 There was a time when plastic surgery was the only option to reconstruct the angle of the jaw. Now, various fillers can also structurally alter the angle of jaw and chop off the years from your face. Fillers can even provide a long-lasting lift of the surrounding tissue, further enhancing the attractiveness of the face.

Beautification is a work of art and our palette is well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to recreate your jaw angle and give your face it’s optimal youthfulness.

Cheekbones are defining features of a person’s face. They constitute the structure of your face beneath your skin, especially the malar bones. If the malar bones are situated in close proximity to the eyes, the person is considered to have high cheekbones. A person is said to have lower cheekbones when the malar bones rest closer to the bottom of the nose. Higher cheekbones are considered as making a face more attractive. But cheekbones do not always define the attractiveness of a person’s face.

SK TruDerma and Cheekbones

However, if you do want to alter the appearance of your cheekbones, we have the right make-up strategies to make your cheekbones appear higher and more prominent. Clinical treatments are also available to alter their appearance. Dermal fillers are another option to make your cheekbones appear more prominent and results last for up to three months.


People who want to permanently change the shape of their faces also have the plastic surgery option, which we do not recommend.

Certain genetic elements tend to give us Indians a structural weakness in the lower half of our faces. In most cases, the chin tends backwards but in others the chin protrudes. Also, as we have seen, aging makes us lose fat from certain areas of the body and the face is one of them. Fat loss can actually weaken the structure of the face, making the chin appear weak or protruding.

SK TruDerma and Chin Enhancement

 Chin enhancement involves replenishing the lost fats under the chin and remove the residual tissue. Our face aestheticians are skilled in achieving this to restore the balance and shape of the chin and make its structure naturally stronger.

These treatments are called focused ultrasound and ultherapy. They work below the skin without coming into contact with it. Yet it lifts the skin and targets unhealthy fat and excess tissue on the lower face. This makes the skin wrap the lower face more tightly and streamlines the shape of the chin.

However, if we think that the composition of the person’s face does not warranty the above two treatment options, we opt for radiofrequency or ultrasound or injectibles.

There is a difference between the skin on your face and the rest of the body. The skin does cover the entire body but its thickness varies along various regions. The skin is thicker where the body is prone to physical stress and thinner where it takes less of a beating. Hence the skin of our faces is thinner than on rest of the body, excluding the chest and deserves tender loving care.

SK TruDerma and Facial Features

 When it comes to skin, our goal is always beautification. India is a place of many ethnicities and different facial structures and it is our job to make any face more attractive than before the person came to us. Skin care and cosmetology can correct structural irregularities of facial structure. For example, we can make the chin look slightly forward or make the cheekbones more prominent as we shall see.

Just like the angle of the jaw, the jaw line too undergoes structural changes, making it look weaker, less angular or even undulating. A less angular jaw line can also have a genetic root or other cause, which is not related to aging. Fortunately, there are a number of non-invasive treatment options to restore the prominence of the jaw line.

SK Derma and Jaw Line Correction

 It is important that your skin specialist has a good understanding of facial aesthetics, which go beneath the features. The use of the accurate filler in the right places and in the accurate amount can make the strengthening of the jaw line seamless. Our procedures make your face look naturally more attractive.