The eyes are considered to be one of the most attractive features of the human face. Eyes are also very expressive. The beauty of the eyes is extenuated by their sparkle and also derived from the surrounding area. Deterrents that often mar the beauty of the eye and its sparkle are:

  • Under-eye bags
  • Trenches
  • Dark circles
  • Nutritional deficiencies

SK TruDerma and Eye Care

Simple methods to correct these anomalies include diet correction, making lifestyle changes and applying the right kinds of creams. However, if the situation warrants, we have one of the most technically advanced lasers in the world, the Q switched Nd-YAG laser.

We can also rectify structural weaknesses with the help of Botox and fillers. The shape of the eyebrows may also have to be revised so that they frame your eyes more beautifully and enhance the twinkle in them.

After Angelina Jolie popularized the bee-stung lip effect, women rushed to cosmetologists to achieve the same result. Face specialists were hard-pressed to explain that not everyone can quite carry it off. Facial features have to be in proportion to one another and also have to complement the facial frame.

However, there are still many treatments for beautifying lips. Thinner lips can be accentuated and made lusher with a small filler to hydrate and plum them up. The same treatment holds good for lips, which start to sag or shrink with age.

Men may also need lip rectification due to injury, etc. But the art of lip beautification lies in its subtlety. When the lip job is noticeable, it probably makes the face look awkward. It is very important that the person undergoing the procedure knows the difference between a naturally fuller look and a blatant plump up.

The nose plays a very part in defining your looks, especially your profile. So much so that there is internationally approved measurement for a perfectly shaped nose, which the majority of us may are not blessed with. Hence, for us it is just a convention and not the true ‘measure’ of a person’s attractiveness. However, a person may still want to alter his/her nose with the following interventions:

  • Correcting flared nostrils
  • Rounding a tipped nose
  • Smoothening the hump of the nose
  • Fixing a tilted nose
  • Reducing the prominence of the bridge of the nose

All the above treatments involve the correct combination of Botox and filler so your nose enhances the attractiveness of your face.