Post acne scars are caused by changes in the skin’s texture after the treatment. The scars are the result of skin inflammation during the healing process. Deep trauma is caused throughout the layers of the skin if a patient was prone to picking or bursting the acne pimples. The scars are left behind by the excess or inadequate production of tissue, which is itself a response to the damage caused to the skin. The scars can manifest as protrusions or indentations on the skin.

It has been our experience that post acne scars and can even defy consistent treatment and take years to completely disappear. Since prevention is always better than cure, the afflicted person should immediately consult a dermatologist once the acne appears. If the acne related lesions have already occurred, it is imperative that proper treatment starts at once.

It is also essential to avoid harsher treatment options in trying to speed up the result. You may only end up further damaging your skin.

Teen Acne and SK TruDerma

 We begin treating acne with a thorough investigation of the patient’s skin, lifestyle and eating habits, after which a hormonal assessment is conducted. When we get to root of the acne, we make the choice of treatment, which could be medical or a correction in lifestyle. Sometimes, a simple change of face wash makes all the difference.

When dealing with teenagers, we start with non-medical treatment; oral medicine is prescribed only in severe cases, which cannot be treated with lifestyle or other changes. For more severe cases, we have in-clinic treatments like chemical peels, micro-needling, lasers and radiofrequencies, etc. These procedures can also speed up the recovery of the skin.