This condition is the result of change in skin pigmentation after acne breaks out. The change occurs due to excess production of melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its colour. The change in pigmentation can be discerned as flat brown patches or red spots that remain on the skin after the acne lesions have healed.

The marks themselves are not permanent but the condition should be treated to prevent its worsening and speed up the healing process. Again, it is always safer to address the problem in the initial stages, when treatment works faster. Hence, we always recommend that pre-emptive treatment for post acne pigmentation start when the acne lesions are healing or have healed.

SK TruDerma and PAP

After treatment of acne, we undertake a thorough investigation of the post acne skin. Depending on the condition, we offer treatment methods to prevent the pigmentation changes. But it the spots do appear, we offer a range of solutions from correct ointments and creams to chemical peels and pigment lasers.

We also recommend various home remedies, which can accelerate the disappearance of the skin blemishes. The treatment options we choose depend on the characteristics of the condition like the patient’s skin type, complexion, skin health, etc.