Also referred to as Polycstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), the condition is caused by hormonal changes, which produce various symptoms in women who are of reproductive age. A disruption in menstrual cycle is common to all women with PCOD, along with an excess of male hormones called androgens.

The condition is so named because of the enlarged ovaries containing multiple small cysts or polycystic ovaries. Though most women with PCOD have enlarged ovaries, not all women with the disease have them.

Areas of the face and surrounding regions commonly affected are the cheeks, chin, jawline and the upper neck. PCOS is aggravated by stress, anxiety, weight fluctuations and a disruptive body clock.

A PCOD patient might also experience other symptoms like excessive growth of facial hair, scalp hair fall, neck pigmentation, obesity, breast tenderness. There may also be a small balding patch where the hair is parted.