In adults, acne usually appears in the ‘C’ zone. The area encompasses the sides of the eyes starting from the bone of the eyebrow towards both the cheeks. The skin on ‘C’ zone is very thin and hence vulnerable to the elements. Wrinkles appear sooner in this facial zone.

Adult acne first appears as a tenderness, which may subsequently become red and painful if left untreated. It is caused by hormonal changes, weight fluctuations and sudden changes in lifestyle including eating habits.

If the acne subsides on its own over time, it tends to leave a residue in the shape of the dark mark. This should not be ignored and must be checked by a medical specialist. If you are waiting for the acne to disappear on its own, please be aware that the scars that appear are very stubborn and should be medically treated before it becomes an extreme condition as we will detail below.

Adult Acne and SK TruDerma

Like teens, adults are also subjected to a through physical examination of the skin, lifestyle habits and their home skin care products. Since we are dealing with adults, we can start treating them medically sooner to eliminate the acne and any residual scars.

However, if medication fails, we treat the patient with the same in-clinic procedures like chemical peel, lasers and radiofrequencies, etc. SK TruDerma has the advantage of leading-edge technology for our in-house treatments.