Plasma is the blood fluid, which carries nutrients and blood cells throughout the body. Platelets are cells in the blood, and part of the innate immune system. They are the cells, which rush to injury sites where bleeding occurs and form a clot and repair the damage. Platelets are also a rich source of growth factors. They are responsible for stimulating hair follicles.

Platelet-Rich Plasma is processed blood plasma, a mixture of plasma and platelets from which the red and white blood cells have been removed. This concentration, made of blood originally taken from the person itself is injected into the skin to make it healthier and younger. PRP is particularly useful in promoting hair-growth.

At SK TRuMed, we add our own growth-promoting ingredients to the PRP to give your skin an even-toned glow. It also enhances the nourishment of scalp follicles for better hair growth.

The person’s blood is drawn and put into a test tube, which is then sealed. The blood is then centrifuged in-clinic, where the plasma and platelets are extracted without the red and white blood cells and then mixed with other active ingredients. The PRP thus formulated is injected into the layers of skin or scalp areas selected for the procedure.

Knowing the exact areas and skin depth for the PRP to be injected into is the most crucial part of the procedure.

  • Skin hydration
  • Soft and nourished skin
  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Improved collagen
  • Restoration of youthful skin
  • Reduction of darkness and fine lines under the eyes
  • Hair fall reduction
  • Healthier individual strands of hair
  • Regrowth of scalp hair when combined with other medication

Results usually depend on the frequency of the procedure, which will be decided by your skin specialist in consultation with you. The frequency may vary as the treatment progresses, but the result generally lasts up to a year.

There might be some redness on the skin. Some parts of the injected skin may also appear a bit uneven. But these effects last for only a couple of hours. There may also be slight bruises on the skin, and these will take a week to heal fully.

  • PRP as a hair growth treatment involves tiny injections all over the scalp, which can create slight bruises as mentioned above. The bruises should be treated
  • Do not shower or bathe or undertake any strenuous activity, which can make you sweat for eight hours post treatment
  • Do not sunbathe for two days after the procedure
  • Do not undergo any other hair or skin therapy for at least a week
  • Do not wash your hair or apply any hair product for at least twelve hours after the procedure
  • Do not apply any skin care products without first checking with PRP specialist